Top Honeymoon Destination in Bali for Couples

Honeymoon Destination in Bali for Couples

Bali is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations that one can visit for a great time that will provide you the best of everything. This is one of the best places that provide oodles of fun, adventures and a good time that will totally make your trip worth it. Continue reading →

6 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan on Your Next Trip


Rajasthan is the land of stories, culture, royalty traditions, sand, forts, lakes, snakes, snake charmers and magic carpets, one visit to Rajasthan and you feel that everything that you have heard about India is true. This place gives away the true essence of India, India has always been culturally rich and through the tiny lanes of Rajasthan you can experience exactly that. It is a land of grandeur and royalty. Book Rajasthan tour with Universal Trip Solutions to get a King size experience in your budget. Continue reading →

All that you need to know about Orchard Road

orchard road singapore

Orchard Road is one of the best places for a great holiday escape; this place will provide you some of the best experiences in Singapore offering the best of everything. The beginnings of this place dates back to the early 1830s,  find some of the best shopping options, nutmeg plantations, fruit orchards, pepper farms etc that will make your stay worthwhile. This is now a wonderful retail and dining paradise that will offer you some of the best experiences in terms of lifestyle, food and shopping on Singapore Honeymoon packages for couples. Continue reading →

Top 5 Places to visit in Europe for Honeymoon

Europe Tourist Places

Europe is one of the most enchanting destinations that form a part of the dreaminess that one can never get enough of. There are many majestical sites that one can enjoy being in Europe on a honeymoon. Get the best Europe honeymoon packages from India while exploring these best places to visit in Europe. Continue reading →